Children who are used to abacus have developed skills in all aspects. They have superior memory and retention skills, they are also able to remember more number of digits and it also improves their image memory. Children who grow up with abacus have fewer problems in solving mental maths and without any mistakes. This also helps them in rapid and accurate mathematical calculations and children are also quick in calculating fractions. They can also use the abacus image in calculating mathematical problems in an accurate manner. A child can also perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division easily and at a greater speed. Mathematics provides enough exercise for the brain and in the process logical reasoning skills are also enhanced. This result is sharp and well exercised brains. So, if you want to provide your child with a learning experience that would help them to solve mathematical problems in a better manner, then you should introduce your child to the Skillofun Abacus Junior (1-10).

This abacus set is a non-toxic product and is perfectly safe for kids. It is a traditional counting frame and is used as a key calculating tool for arithmetic calculations. There are colourful beads on each stick which range from number one to ten which help kids to get familiarised with numbers in the simplest manner. The colourful beads immediately attract the attention of the kids and enhance their visual power. This wooden toy is also made of food- grade plastic and non-toxic links which ensures safety. You can now easily purchase the Skillofun Abacus Junior online and provide your child with a fun learning opportunity.

Weight 0.405 kg
Dimensions 90 × 35 × 20 cm
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