Give Your Child a Headstart with a Fun and Educational Toy
Make learning fun for your kids with the colorful and interactive Skillofun Abacus Junior. This 10 by 10 abacus is the perfect way to impart knowledge in a way that develops the interest of children. The Skillofun Abacus Junior toy will help your child develop mathematical and problem-solving skills in a fun way, since it doubles up as an entertaining toy. With this multicoloured abacus by Skillofun, you can nurture mathematical skills and give your children a stepping-stone for future learning.

Safe Toy that Develops and Boosts Learning Skills
With the Skillofun Abacus, you can stop fretting over your children’s safety because it is completely safe for children. This non-toxic abacus toy features vibrant multicoloured spheres that have a glossy finish, which will be visually appealing for the little ones. The 10 x 10 frame layout lets children master addition, subtraction and multiplication with both small numbers and larger ones. Since it is a wooden toy, it’s lightweight, making it less likely to cause injury in case it falls over and your tiny tot will be protected from getting hurt even when you’re not around.

Brand: Skillofun
Type: Educational toy
Material: MDF Wood
Dimensions: 6 x 20 x 24 cm
Weight: 998g
Recommended age: 2 to 4 years
Ideal For: Girls and boys
Educational and skill-developing toy
Multicoloured and attractive
Lightweight wooden design
Completely non-toxic
Wooden frame with glossy spheres
10 x 10 layout for calculating higher numbers

Weight 0.405 kg
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 8 cm
Assembly Required


Batteries Included


Batteries Required






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Remote Controlled Included



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