Frank Early Learner Numbers Kit range of educational toys introduces basic concepts to young learners in a fun and enjoyable way. This unique puzzle helps your child learn and discover numbers from 1-20 in a two-piece fun puzzle where all they got to do is connect the number of objects on one piece to the relating number. Intended for beginners, these simple and colorful puzzles use the “play and learn” technique to provide children with activities that are both fun as well as geared to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The parents are advised to subtly guide children on how to tackle the puzzle, ensuring their success. The product is compact and easily portable. Designed creatively with good quality child safe material and an excellent print with bright colors will not just amaze your child but will last in the long run. Meant for children of age 3 years and above, this power-packed floor puzzle will keep your child engaged while improving his / her concentration power and level of patience. Improve your child’s visual skills and memory.

 About: The Frank puzzles are incredibly educative and fun, providing endless learning opportunities for kidsof all ages. These are available in cute themes which allow them to instantly become the favorite indoor activity!
 What’s in for you: It Contains 20 Self-correcting 2-Piece Number Puzzles,1 Poster, 20 Double Sided Activity Sheets, 12 Crayons & 1 Pencil
 Holistic Skill Development:Fun and learning go hand in hand with these engaging educational kits which are great for entertainment, development, and growth. They develop imagination, motor skills, concentration, visual skills, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and an inquisitive attitude.
 Ideal for Gifting: A thoughtful present for your friends baby shower, for your little ones birthday, Christmas school start or other special occasions.
 Safety First:These puzzles and games are made from premium highly durable cardboard and 100% non-toxic inks. These being incredibly durable and suitable for their little hands!

The Frank Early Learner Numbers Kit Kit is an engaging educational resource designed to introduce young learners to numbers, counting, and basic math concepts in a fun and interactive way. Here’s a breakdown of what the kit includes:

  1. 20 Self-Correcting 2-Piece Puzzles: These puzzles feature numbers and corresponding illustrations, allowing children to match the numeral with its quantity, reinforcing number recognition and counting skills.
  2. 1 Poster: The poster serves as a visual aid, displaying numbers in a colorful and eye-catching format, perfect for hanging on a wall or using as a reference during learning sessions.
  3. 20 Double-Sided Activity Sheets: These activity sheets offer a variety of exercises and games centered around numbers, providing children with hands-on practice in counting, tracing, and writing numbers. The double-sided design maximizes learning opportunities and keeps children engaged.
  4. 12 Crayons & 1 Pencil: The inclusion of crayons and a pencil ensures that children have the necessary tools to complete the activity sheets and engage in creative expression while learning.

Overall, the Age 3+ Frank Numbers Kit provides a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience for young children, helping them develop essential numeracy skills while having fun.

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