Frank Small Alphabet Kit is primarily designed to keep young minds engaged. Often gifted as an educational kit to familiarize children with basic educational concepts; this educational alphabet kit is indeed interactive. It can keep the naughtiest kid in the room occupied for hours. Designed to fit learning spaces at home, preschools, classrooms and daycares, this kit can boost the spatial perception skills of kids, apart from contributing towards their early learning skills such as sorting, concentration, teamwork, and problem-solving ability. Teachers recommend such alphabet kits, as they can boost motor skills and hand-eye coordination of early learners.

  • All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure our products are manufactured under hygienic conditions
  • Helps to improve your child’s mental development
  • Helps in nurturing the intelligence of a child
  • Develop motor skills
  • ALPHABET KIT: This kit makes learning basic educational concepts fun for little ones. This educational activity kit is ideal for early childhood development and, helps children in identifying and recognizing the small letters of the alphabets from a to z. It can help kids concentrate better, and enhance their hand-eye coordination, visual, writing and early learning skills. This kit can be interactive, played with guardians, parents, or other kids, boosting a child’s social skills too!
  • FUN ACTIVITY LEARNING KIT: The alphabet activity kit features puzzles that are designed in pairs of 2-pieces with images, on one piece of an object or animal and on the other piece, of corresponding correct alphabet, to be matched by kids. The activity sheets and poster in the set help the child to learn how to write the alphabets and reinforce what they have learned, while the crayons set and a pencil in this kit makes it more attractive and fun for the pre-schoolers and young children.

It is made of good quality cardboard and printed using non-toxic inks Each puzzle piece has a part of the picture shown on the box. The child has to fix the pieces together in the correct manner to form the complete picture. Parents may be required initially to guide their child into this new creative activity so as to get them into the flow of arranging all the pieces correctly

Product Includes – 26 double sided wipe clean activity cards, 20 puzzle pcs, 1 crayons, 1 pencil, poster

The Age 3+ Frank Small Alphabet Early Learning Educational Kit is designed to engage young learners in an interactive and fun way while fostering early literacy skills. Packed with components tailored for preschoolers, this comprehensive kit includes:

  1. 26 Self-Correcting 2-Piece Puzzles: Each puzzle features a letter of the alphabet, allowing children to match uppercase and lowercase letters while reinforcing letter recognition and association.
  2. 1 Poster: A colorful poster displaying the entire alphabet serves as a visual aid for reference and reinforcement. It can be hung on a wall or used during learning sessions.
  3. 20 Double-Sided Activity Sheets: These activity sheets offer a variety of exercises and games focused on letter recognition, handwriting practice, vocabulary building, and more. The double-sided design maximizes learning opportunities.
  4. 12 Crayons & 1 Pencil: The kit includes a set of vibrant crayons and a pencil, providing children with the tools they need to complete the activities and unleash their creativity.

With its engaging puzzles, interactive activities, and visual aids, the Age 3+ Frank Small Alphabet Early Learning Educational Kit offers a stimulating learning experience that promotes literacy development and prepares young children for academic success.



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