Skillofun Number Strip Puzzle 1 to 10 with Knobs Multicolour 2Y+ Learn counting the fun way!
The child can learn numbers by identifying the number, counting the number of dots under it, and then identifying the number written on top
The numbers come out of their cavities and have to be put back with the help of the knob on top of it
This product is 100% non-toxic and child-safe
Comes with an eco-friendly pouch to store the pieces after play!
This product is 100% non-toxic.

Eco friendly product for small kids .
Puzzle and theme based were they try to build their own confident, Wooden toys based s used .
Best gifting sets in light weight wooden.

  • Non-toxic eco friendly product
  • Puzzle
  • Wooden toys
  • Multi color
  • Learn counting the fun way

An Entertaining Puzzle for Kids
The Skillofun number strip puzzle with knobs is an ideal way to introduce your toddler to numbers. Designed in accordance to the needs of children, the number strip puzzle with knobs is extremely compact and comes across as a worthwhile addition to your child’s existing list of playtime accessories. Using a beautiful combination of bright colours, the number strip puzzle by Skillofun is sure to keep your child happily engaged in his or her playtime for relatively longer durations. As part of its compact design, the strip puzzle accommodates all the numbers on a wooden tray making it extremely convenient to store.

Enhances Your Kid’s Knowledge of Numbers
With the Skillofun wooden number strip puzzle, you can help your kid enhance his or her understanding of the numbers. Additionally, the multi color number strip puzzle is extremely easy to carry even when you are travelling with your kid. The big pieces on the puzzle make it easier of your child to identify every number and also learn colours. All the numbers in the puzzle are held in place with the help of sturdy knobs. Made of superior quality engineered wood, the Skillofun number strip puzzle incorporates a design which makes it absolutely safe for your child to use it on daily basis.

The Skillofun Number Strip Puzzle 1 to 10 with Knobs Multicolour 2Y+ is a vibrant and engaging educational toy designed to assist children in developing their numerical and fine motor skills.

Featuring a set of wooden strips labeled with numbers from 1 to 10, each strip is equipped with a knob, making it easy for little hands to grasp and manipulate. The puzzle encourages children to arrange the strips in numerical order by sliding and aligning them on a sturdy base.

This interactive learning tool offers multiple benefits for young learners. It helps enhance number recognition as children identify and sequence the numbers correctly. Additionally, the manipulation of the knobs strengthens hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Crafted from high-quality, child-safe materials, the Skillofun Number Strip Puzzle provides a durable and safe learning experience for children. Its colorful design and tactile elements make learning numbers an enjoyable and enriching activity for early learners. Perfect for both independent play and guided learning sessions, this puzzle fosters cognitive development while sparking curiosity and enthusiasm for numbers.

Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 1.2 cm

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Made In India



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