Eduedge Sandpaper Numbers The set contains ten plates with zero to nine numbers in a rough texture. Trace the number to develop hand movement for writing.

Sure to attract children above 3 Years: Suitable for Age 3 and above.

Enjoy learning: Enhances muscular memory, concentration, co-ordination and mathematical skill.

Multiple skill enhancement: Enables Mathematical skill development, Intellectual development, Sensorial development and Motor skill development.

Safe and sturdy make: Made with high-quality wood composite. Painted with child-safe paints and inks, smoothed edges for safety.

Supports special needs: Suggested for children having Down Syndrome, Autism or any Learning Disability as prescribed by your therapist.

Right of all: Gender Neutral toy to encourage learning for all.

“Eduedge Sandpaper Numbers” is an innovative educational tool designed to facilitate tactile learning experiences for children. These numbers are crafted using sandpaper material, providing a unique tactile sensation when touched. Each number is carefully crafted to ensure distinct shapes and textures, aiding in the development of sensory perception and fine motor skills in young learners.

The sandpaper texture offers a multisensory approach to learning, allowing children to not only see and hear the numbers but also feel them. This tactile feedback reinforces number recognition and helps solidify the understanding of numerical concepts through hands-on exploration.

Ideal for both individual and group learning settings, Eduedge Sandpaper Numbers promote engagement and interactive learning experiences. They can be used in various educational activities, including counting, tracing, and sorting exercises, making learning mathematics a dynamic and enjoyable process for children of all ages and learning styles.

With Eduedge Sandpaper Numbers, educators and parents can provide a holistic learning experience that caters to diverse learning needs, fostering a deeper understanding of numbers and mathematics while igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Weight 0.39 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 4 cm
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Made In India



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