Skillofun Hindi Alphabet Cutout Block Ka, Kha, Ga (36 Letters) Children learn many languages in their schooling phase that enhance their knowledge;, one such language is Hindi. Though it is an easy language but few children can have a tough time trying to grab the basics. In order to end that confusion, Skillofun presents Hindi Alphabet Cutout Block. This learning toy can be very useful for boys and girls aged aged between two and five years. The pack contains all the alphabet that are needed to learn hindi without any stress or pressure. With the help of these pieces, your children will have interest in learning new words.

The speciality of these pieces are it stands on its own, making it more fun filled experience for your children. The alphabet are made of wood which ensure durability and is safe for children to play with. Skillofun Hindi Alphabet Cutout Block can improve your child’s language skills and also make their learning phase more frolic. You can use these pieces to teach your children hindi letter and form complete words in a better way. Make your child’s tough subjects more amusing by involving toys like this useful learning toy.


The Skillofun Hindi Alphabet Cutout Block is a well crafted toy set that comes in a neat little box. The quality of the eco friendly blocks will let kids be playful with them as they can withstand light pressure. Letting children play with the Skillofun Hindi Alphabet Cutout Block is a great way to get them accustomed to the Hindi Alphabet. Being able to play with these toys, the kids will easily pick up lessons in Hindi once they start learning it as it has become imprinted in their minds.

Skillofun Hindi Alphabet Cutout Block Ka, Kha, Ga (36 Letters) is a comprehensive educational tool designed to introduce children to the Hindi alphabet in a fun and engaging way. This set includes 36 wooden blocks, each featuring a different Hindi letter from “क” (Ka) to “ँ” (Anusvara), covering the entire alphabet range.

Each block is crafted with care and precision, featuring clear, bold representations of the Hindi letters in vibrant colors. The letters are prominently displayed on one side of the block, making them easily identifiable for young learners.

These cutout blocks serve multiple purposes in early childhood education. They can be used for basic letter recognition exercises, spelling activities, and even simple word formation exercises. Additionally, the tactile nature of the wooden blocks provides a hands-on learning experience, aiding in sensory development and fine motor skills.

Ideal for both home and classroom environments, the Skillofun Hindi Alphabet Cutout Block set offers a versatile and effective tool for introducing and reinforcing Hindi language skills in young children.

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