Creatives Maths Fun – Addition & Problem Solving Game Learning Math’s becomes Play as children practice their Addition skills with this simple, interactive and enjoyable board game and card games. 1) Board Game: The Cards make the sums and Play Board has the answers. Children just draw two cards, add both the numbers and match the total of both cards to its correct answer on the Board, then place their chip there. When a player has 4 Counters in a row in any direction, wins. 2) To review and reinforce the Addition skills they practice with 4 interactive and enjoyable Card Games- Addition War, I Spy, Be First and Memory. The game includes: A play board, 60 Counters and 4 Colours, 2 Sets of 0 to 10 Play Cards, Play Rules.

  • Ages : 5 & Up
  • Product Code : 0233

Skills Developed:

  • Number and Operations
  • Conceptual understanding of the meaning of Addition
  • To find the sum of two numbers.
  • Reinforce and practice the knowledge

“Creatives Maths Fun – Addition & Problem Solving Game Creative Maths Fun – Addition & Problem Solving Game” is an engaging and interactive educational experience designed to make learning addition and problem-solving enjoyable for children and adults alike. This dynamic game combines mathematical concepts with creativity, fostering a stimulating environment for players to enhance their numerical skills while having fun.

Players embark on a journey filled with exciting challenges, where they are presented with a series of addition problems to solve. From simple equations to more complex puzzles, each level offers a unique set of challenges that progressively increase in difficulty, catering to learners of all skill levels.

What sets Creative Maths Fun apart is its innovative approach to problem-solving. Rather than relying solely on traditional methods, players are encouraged to think creatively and explore different strategies to arrive at the correct solutions. This not only reinforces their understanding of addition but also cultivates critical thinking and analytical skills essential for success in mathematics and beyond.

With vibrant visuals, intuitive gameplay mechanics, and a variety of engaging activities, Creative Maths Fun provides an immersive learning experience that keeps players motivated and eager to continue their mathematical journey. Whether playing solo or competing with friends, this game promises hours of entertainment while making mathematics both accessible and enjoyable. So, dive in and unleash your creativity while mastering the art of addition!



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