This re-writable book covers most of the mathamatical primary level topics with 84 activities of 3rd level learning. It covers the topics such as shapes, numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, general knowledge, currency, word problems, time, calender etc. Being able to perform mental maths in primary school, gives your child a vital skillset for learning other mathematical techniques. These activities help to keep your child’s brain very much active and sharp. It also enhances child’s ability to concentrate and helps to boost their learning capabilities.

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We at Actonn India believe in the adage ‘practice makes perfect’. Our book offers a perfect jumpstart to young learners who can master the fundamental skill of (basic learning) without ever getting bored! We have taken great care in producing this eco-friendly product which adheres to strict norms of carbon footprint. All our books are made using a special recyclable material in place of paper thereby saving trees.

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