Skillofun Number Cutout Blocks (0-9) offer an engaging and hands-on approach to learning numbers for young children. Each set includes wooden blocks representing numbers 0 through 9, featuring vibrant colors and durable construction. These blocks are designed with smooth edges and child-safe paint, ensuring a safe learning experience.

The tactile nature of these blocks allows children to explore numbers through touch and manipulation, enhancing their sensory and fine motor skills. As children play with the blocks, they develop familiarity with the shapes and formations of each number, laying a strong foundation for early numeracy skills.

Whether used in a classroom setting or at home, Skillofun Number Cutout Blocks provide a versatile tool for teaching counting, number recognition, and basic arithmetic concepts. They encourage interactive learning and can be integrated into various educational activities and games to make learning numbers fun and engaging for young learners.

We at Manoj Stores are committed to spread Montessori education movement across India. One of the Major difficulties in implementing Montessori method of education was its high cost / investments that were to be made for buying Equipments. In order to reduce the cost and at the same time not to dilute the sanctity of Montessori education, Manoj Stores launched Budget range of Montessori equipments. This greatly has helped many schools in Rural areas as well as Urban areas to start a Montessori School and provide an affordable education to society.
Budget range of Products are produced using high end machineries to achieve the specifications. All the dimensions and specifications are maintained as in Premium range of products without compromising the specifications laid by Maria Montessori. All the solid wood products such as Cylinder blocks, Pink tower, red rods, etc.. are made of Beech wood or pine wood. All the paints used in budget range products are also eco friendly paints

Weight 2.501 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm

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Made In India



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