Frank Months Of The Year 36 Pieces Puzzle This Months of the Year puzzle contains 12 self correcting, 3-piece puzzles that provide the perfect opportunity for children to foster their dexterity, hand-eye coordination and thinking skills to a great extent. Each of these puzzles has corresponding images pertaining to the weather of that particular month as well. This feature enables children to associate the weather patterns. As children put all the months collectively, they will be able to form a beautiful, coloured calendar with the Frank Months of the Year puzzle.

Frank Month of The Year 12 Pcs Puzzle

this engaging 12 self-correcting 3 pcs puzzle from our early learning series. This puzzle is designed to help your child identify the different seasons and enhance their hand-eye coordination. The puzzle pieces are made from high-quality materials that are safe for your child to handle and are easy to grip. The bright colors and clear images of each season make it easier for your child to identify and understand the different seasons of the year. As your child works to solve the puzzle, they will develop their visual skills and motor skills. The self-correcting feature ensures that your child can easily correct their mistakes, making it a fun and stress-free learning experience. This puzzle is an excellent tool for parents and teachers who want to introduce their children to the months of the year while developing their cognitive and motor skills.

“Frank Months Of The Year 36 Pieces Puzzle” is a captivating educational puzzle set designed to help children learn and reinforce their understanding of the months of the year. Consisting of 12 self-correcting 3-piece puzzles, each puzzle piece features vibrant illustrations corresponding to a specific month. As children engage with this interactive puzzle, they not only sharpen their problem-solving skills but also enhance their grasp of sequencing and time concepts. With its durable construction and engaging design, the Frank Months Of The Year puzzle set promises hours of fun-filled learning for young minds.

We at Manoj Stores are committed to spread Montessori education movement across India. One of the Major difficulties in implementing Montessori method of education was its high cost / investments that were to be made for buying Equipments. In order to reduce the cost and at the same time not to dilute the sanctity of Montessori education, Manoj Stores launched Budget range of Montessori equipments. This greatly has helped many schools in Rural areas as well as Urban areas to start a Montessori School and provide an affordable education to society.
Budget range of Products are produced using high end machineries to achieve the specifications. All the dimensions and specifications are maintained as in Premium range of products without compromising the specifications laid by Maria Montessori. All the solid wood products such as Cylinder blocks, Pink tower, red rods, etc.. are made of Beech wood or pine wood. All the paints used in budget range products are also eco friendly paints


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