Skillofun Wooden Alphabet Match-Up Tiles There are many educational toys that urge children to learn along with providing them with countless hours of fun. It is very important to opt for toys that will benefit your toddler and preschool kids in their academic career. Be a smart parent and keep your preschool children advanced in phonic skills with the Wooden Alphabet Match Up Tiles. The Alphabet Match Up Tiles designed for both boys and girls aged between 3 and 5 years old helps children learn alphabets and develop their vocabulary. The set crafted from light weight wood includes 26 alphabet tiles. Each tile has four sections; one section is the alphabet and the other three sections feature names of objects that start with the respective letter. There is a total of 104 pieces in this play set. Help your child recognize alphabets and identify the corresponding object name pieces to complete each tile. The Alphabet Match Up Tiles will be an exciting way to divert your kids’ attention from their favorite cartoon shows on television.

Have fun while learning. There are 26 alphabet tiles, one for each alphabet. Each tile is made up of 4 parts one part is the alphabet and three parts have one object each that starts with that alphabet. The child has to identify all three objects that start with one alphabet, identify that alphabet, and put all the 4 pieces together to finish the tile. A total of 104 pieces. Made of mdf, it uses non toxic inks 100 percent child safe.

Skillofun Wooden Alphabet Match-Up Tiles offer a vibrant and engaging way to introduce children to the world of letters and language. This comprehensive set includes 104 meticulously crafted wooden tiles, each featuring a capital letter on one side and its corresponding lowercase counterpart on the other.

Designed with bright colors and durable materials, these tiles provide a tactile and interactive learning experience for young learners. Children can explore letter recognition, practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters, and develop early literacy skills through hands-on play.

The tiles are sized perfectly for little hands, promoting fine motor skills as children manipulate and arrange them. Whether used in educational settings or at home, these Alphabet Match-Up Tiles are a versatile tool for fostering language development and laying the foundation for lifelong learning. With their engaging design and educational value, Skillofun Wooden Alphabet Match-Up Tiles are sure to become a favorite resource for teachers, parents, and children alike.

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