Skillofun Take Apart Puzzle Large – Fish Children will love taking apart and putting together interlocking pieces of this colorful puzzle!

The puzzle is thick and can stand on its own.
Encourage kids to call out colors too!

  • Non-toxic eco friendly product

TheSkillofun Take Apart Puzzle Large – Fish is a vibrant and engaging educational toy designed to captivate young minds while promoting problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. Crafted with durable materials, this puzzle features a colorful fish shape divided into several detachable pieces, each uniquely designed to fit together snugly.

With its large size, it’s perfect for little hands to grasp and manipulate. Children are encouraged to explore and discover as they disassemble the puzzle, uncovering the inner workings of the fish. Each piece offers a different challenge, stimulating cognitive development and fostering a sense of accomplishment as they successfully put it back together.

Not only does this puzzle provide hours of entertainment, but it also encourages creativity and imagination. As children engage with the puzzle, they can invent stories about the fish and its underwater adventures, enhancing their narrative skills.

Overall, the Skillofun Take Apart Puzzle Large – Fish offers a delightful blend of fun and learning, making it an ideal choice for parents and educators seeking enriching activities for young learners.

Weight 0.58 kg
Dimensions 37.34 × 13.72 × 2.79 cm

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Made In India



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