Skillofun Wooden Magnetic Twin Play Tray – Bright and Sunny Day This is a two-sided magnetic tray and comes with magnetic object tiles. One side has a whole scene of a barn on a bright and sunny day. These objects are also available as magnetic tile cutouts. First, make the scene by putting the object tiles on top of each corresponding object in the scene. Then flip the tray around and complete the blank barn with the available objects.

  • Non-toxic eco friendly product
  • Wooden puzzle toys

This is a delightful and engaging toy designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity. Crafted with high-quality wood and vibrant, non-toxic colors, this play tray offers a world of interactive learning and fun.

Featuring a twin-sided design, each side of the play tray presents a unique scene inspired by a bright and sunny day. One side may depict a sunny park with chirping birds, while the other might showcase a bustling market filled with colorful fruits and vegetables. These charming illustrations spark curiosity and encourage storytelling and imaginative play.

Embedded with magnetic elements, the play tray allows children to arrange and rearrange various wooden pieces to create different scenes and scenarios. Whether it’s placing animals in their habitats, arranging trees and flowers, or setting up a picnic, children can explore endless combinations, fostering cognitive skills and spatial awareness.

The sturdy construction of the play tray ensures durability, making it suitable for both independent play and interactive sessions with friends or family. Its portable design allows for easy transport, making it an ideal companion for playdates, vacations, or simply enjoying sunny days indoors.

With its blend of educational value, creative exploration, and charming aesthetics, the Skillofun Wooden Magnetic Twin Play Tray – Bright and Sunny Day promises hours of joyful entertainment while nurturing a child’s development in a safe and engaging manner.

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 34 × 24 × 1.2 cm

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Made In India



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