Little Genius Teaching Clock Learning to tell time is fun with this wooden clock with red apples and colourful hour and minute hands that can be positioned to any time and an interchangeable message board across the top that also asks question what time is recess?

  • Keeps your little one busy with hours of creative play, encouraging imaginative skills
  • Vibrant colours stimulate visual development
  • Boasts unique details for a striking appeal

The Little Genius Teaching Clock is an innovative educational tool designed to introduce children to the concept of telling time in a fun and engaging manner. Featuring bright colors, clear numbers, and interactive elements, this clock aims to make learning about time enjoyable and accessible for young learners.

With its user-friendly design, the Little Genius Teaching Clock enables children to easily grasp the fundamentals of telling time, including both analog and digital formats. The clock includes movable hands that allow children to physically manipulate the time, reinforcing their understanding of how time progresses throughout the day.

Furthermore, the clock incorporates additional educational features such as labeled hour and minute markings, aiding children in associating specific times with corresponding positions on the clock face. This visual reinforcement helps solidify their comprehension of time-telling concepts.

The Little Genius Teaching Clock serves as a versatile tool for both individual and group learning activities. Whether used in classroom settings or at home, it fosters active participation and encourages children to develop essential time-telling skills at their own pace.

Overall, the Little Genius Teaching Clock not only teaches children how to read time but also promotes cognitive development, problem-solving abilities, and a sense of independence as they learn to manage their daily schedules. With its combination of educational value and engaging design, this teaching clock is an invaluable resource for young learners embarking on their journey to understanding the concept of time.


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Little Genius



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