Creative’s The Solar System (Multi-Color) Key Features:

  • Play Board introduces children to the Solar System
  • It also has a beautiful path to move showing different symbols representing topics
  • A guide is provided with all information to make the kids easily understand

Brand – Creative
Type –  Educational Game
Age – 8 Years+
Dimension -L 45.5 x B 4.5 x H 24 cm

Product Description:
Creative’s The Solar System (Multi-Color) introduces children to the Solar System showing the Sun and location of all the planets from the Sun in their natural order. It also has a beautiful path to move showing different symbols representing topics : planets and galaxies, earth and moon. If an Astronaut ‘s play piece lands on one of these spaces , to move forward, he/she has to answer a question on the topic where their play piece has landed. The first Astronaut to reach the Finish space wins.

Items included in pack
A Game Board
98 Question- Answer cards
9 Planet cards
Play pieces
Play rules

“The Solar System (Multi-Color)” by Creative is an awe-inspiring depiction of our celestial neighborhood, designed to captivate and educate. This stunning representation showcases the planets, moons, and other celestial bodies of our solar system in vibrant and vivid detail. Each component is meticulously crafted with precision and artistry, allowing viewers to marvel at the intricacies of planetary surfaces, the majesty of orbiting moons, and the vastness of space.

With its multi-color design, this rendition brings a dynamic and engaging visual experience, highlighting the diversity and beauty of each celestial object. Whether for educational purposes, home decor, or as a conversation piece, “The Solar System (Multi-Color)” invites viewers to explore and contemplate the wonders of our cosmic neighborhood.

Crafted with quality materials and attention to detail, this piece is not only visually striking but also serves as a valuable tool for learning and appreciation of astronomy. Whether displayed in classrooms, offices, or homes, it sparks curiosity and ignites imaginations, inviting viewers of all ages to embark on a journey through the cosmos.



Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 5 × 24 cm




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