Creatives Whats My Opposite (56 Pieces)  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

“What’s my opposite?” is a self-correcting puzzle game having various activities to increase language skills of the children. It contains 28 pairs of colourful self-correcting match-ups and an ‘Activity Guide’. The game has been designed to help children to understand the concept of opposites in an exciting way. Opposite words learning is an essential part of every school’s curriculum. Give your child the edge with this original product line from Creative’s which makes learning fun!

  • Ages : 4 & Up
  • Product Code : 0619

Skills Developed:

  • Observation
  • Concentration
  • New Vocabulary
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Matching skills

Whats my opposite  is designed to develop observation, concentration, logical thinking, problem solving and vocabulary skills.The aim of the game is to find the Opposite of each object on each card .

Key Features

  • Develops keen observation, visual discrimination , shape recognition, eye hand co-ordination, memory skills
  • Self correcting match ups

Creatives Whats My Opposite 56 Pieces is an innovative puzzle game comprising 56 intricately designed pieces that challenge players to explore the depths of their imagination while exercising their cognitive skills. Contrary to conventional puzzles, where the goal is to fit pieces together seamlessly, this game takes a unique twist by prompting players to identify the opposing counterparts of various creative elements.

Each piece of the puzzle represents a distinct facet of creativity, ranging from colors and shapes to concepts and emotions. Players are tasked with discerning the polar opposites of these elements, sparking a journey of intellectual discovery and artistic exploration.

As players engage with the game, they are encouraged to think outside the box, leveraging their creativity and intuition to solve each puzzle. The process not only stimulates cognitive faculties but also fosters a deeper understanding of the intricate interplay between contrasting concepts in the realm of creativity.

With its thought-provoking challenges and visually captivating design, “Creatives What’s My Opposite” offers a captivating experience that transcends traditional puzzle-solving, inviting players to embark on a voyage of imagination and self-discovery.


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Dimensions 1.27 × 21 × 19 cm




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