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  • Childrens Night Time Favourite with Adults – A card game that you will play again and again. Spend quality time with your child just before they sleep with this great tool for parents
  • Simple, Easy to Play – Collect as many fun activity cards, kisses, singing, dancing, mindfulness, yoga etc before a set of pillow, blanket and stuffie, which ends the game. Then put the bear to bed and do the activities one by one
  • Interactive Fun Game. Promotes Connection. A perfect and loving way to say goodnight and end the day. Helps to calm children before sleeping. Develops social emotional skills
  • Exciting Bedtime Ritual – A beautiful game with 23 cards, a fabric bed, stuffie and teddy. Playing time 15-20 minutes. Full of twists. Watch out for the Wind, Sleep Fairy and naughty bear cards. End all your bedtime struggles with a box full of love
  • Perfect Gift for kids for all occasions- Beautifully packaged in a small round suitcase box with a canvas handle. Create memories that last a lifetime
  • Age 4-8 Years


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