Creative’s BBuild a Sentence Part – 1 is a part of step-by-step sentence building series. After practicing the Alphabet and word building, children must learn and practice sentence building. ‘Build a Sentence’ Part 1 introduces children to the two important parts of a sentence; Subject and Predicate and contains 30  ‘Subject Cards’ and 30 ‘Predicate Cards’ and an Activity Guide. Children build tons of sentences, even with the silly meanings, by joining the given Subject Cards to the Predicate Cards in different combinations. They can also indulge in various other activities given in the ‘Activity Guide’.

  • Ages : 7 & Up
  • Product Code : 0687

Skills Developed:

  • Building Simple Sentences
  • Identifying Subject and Predicate
  • Using Correct Pronunciation

“Creative’s BBuild a Sentence Part – 1” is an engaging and educational card game designed to enhance language skills and foster creativity in players of all ages. With 60 thoughtfully crafted cards, this game offers an immersive experience in constructing complete sentences by matching subjects with their corresponding predicates.

Each card features a vivid illustration or a word prompt representing either a subject or a predicate. Players are challenged to combine these elements to form grammatically correct and coherent sentences. From simple statements to complex phrases, the game encourages players to explore various sentence structures and experiment with language.

Whether played solo, in pairs, or in groups, “Creative’s Build A Sentence Subject And Predicate Match Ups Part 1” promises hours of fun while honing language proficiency and imaginative thinking. Perfect for classrooms, family game nights, or language learning centers, this game is a valuable tool for anyone looking to master sentence construction in an enjoyable and interactive way.


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