• FLASH CARDS: The Animal Kingdom pack includes 26 superior quality cards from A to Z for children between the age of 1 and 6 years. Each alphabet teaches them a name of an animal and its characteristics.
  • LEARNING CAN BE FUN: They help garner proficiency in alphabets, knowledge and interest in the Animal Kingdom, These cards are bright and colourful, captivating to the eye and fun to read. They come in handy and can be taken with you wherever you go.
  • BENEFITS: These cards help with building your child’s language and cognitive skills. Whether its learning English, paying attention, long- term & short-term memory, auditory & visual processing, or speed. This is a well-rounded educational tool.
  • GIFT PURPOSE: It makes for a perfect gift for a boy or a girl between the ages of 2 and 6 years – as a birthday present, return gift, or for any special occasion. Especially for those children that are just stepping into the world of learning, contributing towards their growth.
  • ABOUT US: The Tiny Genius Company is a new initiative by two young entrepreneurs and aims to bring fun, entertaining and educational products to the market. Alphabets, Colours, Fruits, Professions – whatever your tiny tot wants to learn about, we have it all. Along with bewitching graphics and captivating stories, our products also help in building cognitive skills. We have flash cards, board games, jigsaw puzzles, coloring posters and more to keep your tiny genius entertained & engaged all day.


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