Creative’s Colours Flash Cards (Multi-Color, 40 Pieces) ‘Flash Cards- Colours’ the child learns to recognise and distinguish between various colours with the help of the flash cards. It comprises 40 cards showing different colours and various things and objects having those colours. The child needs to associate the objects with corresponding colours to reinforce the concept and the knowledge of different colours with the help of different activities.

  • Ages : 3 & Up
  • Product Code : 0364

Skills Developed:

  • Eye-hand Coordination
  • Shapes Recognition
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Problem Solving

Creative’s Colours Flash Cards (Multi-Color 40 Pieces) is a vibrant and engaging educational tool designed to captivate young learners’ attention while they explore the world of colors. With 40 pieces featuring a variety of hues, these flashcards offer a comprehensive spectrum to introduce children to the rich diversity of colors.

Each card is meticulously crafted with vivid illustrations, making learning a visually stimulating experience. From primary colors to shades and tones, these flashcards provide a holistic approach to color recognition and appreciation.

The cards are not only visually appealing but also durable, ensuring long-lasting use in both home and classroom settings. Whether used for individual study, group activities, or classroom displays, these flashcards encourage interactive learning and foster creativity.

As children interact with these flashcards, they develop essential cognitive skills such as color recognition, vocabulary expansion, and visual discrimination. Moreover, the vibrant imagery fosters curiosity and imagination, sparking endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

With Creative’s Colors Flash Cards, learning colors becomes an exciting and immersive journey, igniting a lifelong appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the world around us.


Weight 0.256 kg
Dimensions 13 × 4 × 19 cm




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