Creative’s Science Safari, Multi Color The board game has a colourful path to move around.  Most of spaces show different symbols representing four categories; Earth, Landforms, Weather and Outer Space. If the Play Piece lands on one of these spaces the next player picks a card from the pile of cards and asks the question against the symbol on which the player has landed. If the answer is correct the player moves forward and takes another turn. The game includes a beautiful Play Board, 90 large Question- Answer cards on 4 four different topics (720 questions and answers), Play pieces and Play Rules.

  • Ages : 9 & Up
  • Product Code : 0221

Skills Developed:

  • Understanding about the Science World
  • Academic achievement
  • Memory Skills
  • Effective Interaction
Science safari is an exciting expedition across the earth and the outer space. Highly educative game for building essential vocabulary and information about various aspects of earth and science. First player rolls the dice and moves according to the number rolled. He/she lands at a particular symbol. The player next to him/her picks a card from the pile of cards and asks the question printed against the symbol on which the player has landed. If the player answers correctly, he/she scores marks and takes another turn.

It is an innovative educational kit designed to ignite curiosity and exploration in young minds. Bursting with vibrant hues, this dynamic set invites children on an exhilarating journey through the realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). With an array of colorful components, ranging from experiment materials to interactive guides, children embark on an engaging safari of discovery.

Each component within Creative’s Science Safari is carefully crafted to stimulate creativity and critical thinking. From dazzling experiments that unveil the mysteries of physics to hands-on projects that showcase the marvels of biology, every activity is a colorful adventure waiting to unfold. The multi-color theme adds an extra layer of excitement, enhancing visual appeal and sparking imagination.

As children delve into the diverse activities provided, they not only absorb essential scientific concepts but also cultivate essential skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and attention to detail. With Creative’s Science Safari, Multi Color, the journey to learning becomes a vivid, memorable experience, paving the way for young explorers to unlock the wonders of the world around them.

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