Frank India Map Puzzle (108 Pieces) Introducing Frank 10149 India Map Puzzle, an engaging and educational toy designed for children aged 3 and above. With 108 colorful and intricately crafted pieces, this puzzle offers an exciting journey through the diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage of India.


  1. Educational Fun: Assembling the puzzle encourages cognitive development, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving skills in young learners, making it an ideal tool for both playtime and learning.
  2. Detailed India Map: Each piece of the puzzle depicts a different region of India, featuring prominent landmarks, states, and geographical features, fostering curiosity and knowledge about the country’s geography.
  3. Vibrant Illustrations: The vibrant and eye-catching illustrations of the puzzle pieces captivate children’s attention, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable.
  4. Family Bonding: Perfect for solo play or group activities, the India Map Puzzle promotes family bonding and cooperative play, as children collaborate to complete the puzzle
  5. All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure our products are manufactured under hygienic conditions
  6. Helps to improve your child’s mental development
  7. Helps in nurturing the intelligence of a child
  8. Develop motor skills

This Frank India Map Puzzle is designed to help little ones stay put and have fun while learning. Keeping minds engaged in a productive way, the educational puzzle boasts geographical concepts to keep children occupied for a long-time span. It is made to boost children’s knowledge and problem-solving skills through personal learning experiences at home as well as in classrooms. The puzzle set can help boost early learning skills such as sorting, concentration, teamwork, and visual abilities. The fun learning activity jigsaw set is tested by real educators and is recommended to help enhance motor skills and hand-eye coordination of early learners.

Product Includes – 108 Pieces

Whether it’s exploring the majestic Himalayas, discovering the bustling cities, or learning about the diverse cultures, the Frank 10149 India Map Puzzle provides hours of interactive and educational fun, igniting young minds’ curiosity about the fascinating land of India.

Frank India Map Puzzle (108 Pieces) introduces children to the States and Union Territories of India, and their capital cities. This puzzle shows the international boundary of India, the boundaries of each State and Union Territory, and the location of their capital cities. The neighbouring countries are also indicated. The size of the puzzle is 46 x 34.5 cm, comprising of 108 puzzle pieces and is suitable for children of 6 years and above. Fun and learning go hand in hand with this engaging puzzle, which is great for entertainment, development and growth.
Assembling the puzzle will teach the children to be patient and develop problem-solving skills.

Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 31 × 22.7 × 4 cm





Country of Origin

Made In India


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