Creative’s Spin & Tell 1 is a fun filled game that reinforces the knowledge about plural nouns, compound words, rhyming words and word meanings of new words and develops their listening, reading and communication skills in most enjoyable way. Players use the spinner to play the game. Each player spins the spinner and takes out card from the matching colour stack where the spinner comes to rest. Every question has three possible answers and the player is required to choose the answer within the time limit of the timer. For every correct answer, players get marks and the player with the highest marks wins the game. The game includes: Play Board with built-in Spinner, 140 Question cards with two questions on each card, 4 Answer cards, Scoring pad, timer and Play rules.
  • Ages : 6 & Up
  • Product Code : 0213

Skills Developed:

  • Vocabulary
  • Language Skills
  • Spellings
  • Concentration

Creative’s Spin & Tell 1 is an innovative storytelling game designed to ignite creativity and imagination. Perfect for both children and adults, this engaging game combines the excitement of spinning a wheel with the joy of crafting unique stories.

The game consists of a colorful spinning wheel divided into sections, each containing various story elements such as characters, settings, and plot twists. Players take turns spinning the wheel and using the elements revealed to weave imaginative tales on the spot.

With endless combinations of story prompts, Spin & Tell 1 encourages players to think quickly, think creatively, and think collaboratively. Whether played as a family activity, a classroom icebreaker, or a creative writing exercise, this game fosters communication skills, boosts confidence, and provides hours of entertainment.

Spin & Tell 1 is not just a game—it’s a tool for unlocking the boundless power of storytelling, making it an essential addition to any game collection or creative curriculum. So gather round, spin the wheel, and let the storytelling adventure begin!

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