Let’s Learn Math Skills with Tiles Math Skills with Tiles’ contains 60 tiles in 4 colours, a counting board, 28 number and symbol tiles, a dice and an activity book. The combination of different activities given in the Activity Book make children understand and practice basic pre-number and number skills. The child may learn ‘Pre-number skills’ through sorting by colour, one-to-one correspondence and pattern making and ‘Number skills’ through counting, matching numerals, comparing sets, sequencing, addition and subtraction.

  • Ages : 4 & Up
  • Product Code : 0943

Skills Developed:

  • Pre-Number Skills
  • Number Skills
  • Understand Concept
  • Memory Recall
  • Problem Solving
  • Receptive Vocabulary
  • Expressive Vocabulary
  • Phrases
  • Sentences
  • Visual Perception
  • Eye- Hand coordination
  • Build strong foundation in mathematics starting with pre number skills and then moving on to number skills, addition and subtraction, preparing for multiplication, stringing and fine motor skills
  • 60 tiles in 4 pawns, a ounting board, 28 number and symbol tiles, a dice and an activity guide objective of this game are classification, one to one correspondence, patterns and ordering and counting, number relationships, sequencing
  • Quality product

“Let’s Learn Math Skills with Tiles” is an engaging and interactive educational aid designed to foster mathematical understanding and proficiency among learners. This innovative resource combines the tactile experience of manipulating tiles with structured learning activities to make mathematics both accessible and enjoyable.

With “Let’s Learn Math Skills with Tiles,” students embark on a hands-on journey through various mathematical concepts, from basic arithmetic to more advanced topics such as algebra and geometry. The colorful and versatile tiles provide a tangible representation of abstract mathematical ideas, helping learners grasp concepts more easily and effectively.

Each activity within the set is carefully crafted to cater to different learning styles and abilities, allowing for differentiated instruction and personalized learning experiences. Whether used independently, in small groups, or as part of a classroom curriculum, “Let’s Learn Math Skills with Tiles” encourages active participation and promotes a deeper understanding of mathematical principles.

Moreover, the versatility of the tiles allows for endless possibilities in creating custom exercises and games, fostering creativity and critical thinking skills in addition to mathematical proficiency. Teachers, parents, and educators alike will appreciate the adaptability and versatility of this resource in catering to diverse learning needs and objectives.

In summary, “Let’s Learn Math Skills with Tiles” offers a dynamic and immersive approach to math education, combining hands-on learning with structured activities to inspire curiosity, confidence, and mastery in mathematics.


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