“Creatives Math Memory Multiplication” has been designed to help children increase their memory and mathematical skills in an enjoyable way. Children will practice and master multiplication skills with the help of various matching activities and games given in the Activity Guide. By using 60 large sturdy ‘Problem Cards’ and ‘Solution/Answer Cards’ the children will: 1. Match Multiplication problem cards (up to 20) with their corresponding answer cards. 2. Match Multiplication ‘Problem Cards’ (21 to 50) with their corresponding ‘Answer Cards’. 3. Match equivalent sum cards. 4. Play Concentration game. The game will also help improve fine motor and problem solving skills.
  • Ages : 5 & Up
  • Product Code : 0244

Skills Developed:

  • Visual discrimination
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Logical Thinking
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Concentration

“Creatives Math Memory Multiplication” is a dynamic and engaging educational tool designed to enhance multiplication skills in a creative and memorable way. Through a combination of innovative techniques, visual aids, and interactive exercises, this resource aims to make the process of learning multiplication both enjoyable and effective.

Key features of Creatives Math Memory Multiplication include:

  1. Visual Learning: Utilizing visual representations such as colorful charts, diagrams, and illustrations to help learners grasp multiplication concepts more easily.
  2. Memorization Techniques: Employing mnemonic devices, patterns, and memory aids to assist learners in recalling multiplication facts effortlessly.
  3. Interactive Exercises: Providing interactive activities, games, and quizzes that reinforce multiplication skills and encourage active participation.
  4. Creative Problem Solving: Encouraging creativity and critical thinking by presenting multiplication problems in various contexts, allowing learners to apply their skills to real-world scenarios.
  5. Progress Tracking: Offering tools for monitoring individual progress, identifying areas for improvement, and celebrating achievements to motivate continued learning.
  6. Adaptability: Catering to different learning styles and abilities by offering a range of exercises and customization options to suit diverse needs.

With its innovative approach and emphasis on creativity, Creatives Math Memory Multiplication aims to make learning multiplication an engaging and memorable experience, empowering learners to develop strong mathematical foundations that will serve them well throughout their academic journey and beyond.



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