Creative Educational Aids Learning to Read – Sight Words “Learning Sight Words Part 1” builds reading readiness skills and help children in identifying high-frequency words while reading. The words have been chosen very carefully according to their age and curriculum and the game can be played in two levels. In Level 1 children pick up picture cards of Set 1(28 Picture cards and 28 Word cards) one by one, recognize and name each picture, similarly they pick up each word card, read the word and match it with its corresponding picture card. In Level 2 children look, recognise, read and practice most frequently used words using 56 both sides printed sturdy Flash Cards. They may also play concentration, Fish, and Snap like games as suggested in the Activity Guide.
  • Ages :  4 & Up
  • Product Code : 0934

Skills Developed:

  • Word Recognition
  • Observation & Association Skills
  • Reading and Spelling
  • Visual Discrimination

Creative Educational Aids Learning to Read – Sight Words is a comprehensive educational tool designed to facilitate the acquisition of essential reading skills in young learners. This innovative resource focuses specifically on sight words, which are commonly used words that are recognized immediately upon seeing, rather than sounded out phonetically.

The program employs a variety of engaging activities, games, and exercises to reinforce sight word recognition and fluency. Through interactive and hands-on learning experiences, students develop the ability to quickly identify and comprehend high-frequency words, thereby enhancing their overall reading proficiency.

Key features of Creative Educational Aids Learning to Read – Sight Words include:

  1. Curriculum Alignment: Aligned with educational standards, the program targets sight words relevant to a child’s grade level, ensuring targeted and effective learning.
  2. Multisensory Approach: Utilizing visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques, the program caters to diverse learning styles, making learning enjoyable and accessible for all students.
  3. Progressive Learning: The curriculum is structured in a progressive manner, starting with basic sight words and gradually advancing to more complex ones, enabling students to build upon their existing knowledge and skills.
  4. Interactive Activities: Incorporating games, puzzles, flashcards, and other interactive elements, the program fosters active participation and engagement, motivating students to stay focused and involved in the learning process.
  5. Assessment Tools: Formative and summative assessments are integrated into the program to monitor students’ progress and identify areas for further improvement, allowing educators to tailor instruction to individual learning needs.
  6. Reinforcement Strategies: The program includes reinforcement strategies such as repetition, mnemonics, and contextual learning to enhance retention and mastery of sight words.
  7. Parental Involvement: Resources for parents and caregivers are provided to support continued learning outside the classroom, promoting collaboration between home and school environments.

Creative Educational Aids Learning to Read – Sight Words equips students with foundational reading skills essential for academic success and lifelong learning, empowering them to become confident and proficient readers.



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