Creative Educational Discover Fruits Flash Card Game features 36 both side printed and laminated Jumbo cards that help children to identify and name some common Fruits, learn and reinforce necessary knowledge about them and group them into different categories in an easy and fun way. Flash cards are excellent way to introduce new skills, reinforce memorisation and induce good study habits in children. The colourful and charming pictures on flash cards engage children in hours of play while building their proficiency and improving their knowledge.
The popular Creative’s Jumbo Flash Cards series currently offers 8 titles for children of 5 years and above, each one focusing on an important learning topic.

“Embark on a journey of fruity exploration with our Creative Educational Discover Fruits Flash Card Game! Delightfully designed for young minds eager to learn, this interactive game introduces children to the vibrant world of fruits in a fun and engaging manner.

Each flashcard is adorned with colorful illustrations that capture the essence of various fruits, from succulent strawberries to exotic dragon fruits. As children flip through the cards, they not only familiarize themselves with different fruits but also absorb valuable information about their names, shapes, colors, and textures.

Beyond mere identification, our game sparks curiosity and encourages hands-on learning. With accompanying activities and games, children can delve deeper into the world of fruits, discovering their unique tastes, nutritional benefits, and even exploring simple recipes.

Whether played alone or with friends and family, the Discover Fruits Flash Card Game is a delightful educational tool that cultivates a love for healthy eating and instills early learning skills in young learners. Join us on this fruity adventure and watch as your child’s knowledge blossoms like a ripe orchard!”



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