• Creative’s Family Budget, Multi Color
  • Children get salaries, buy household items, pay bills, make transactions with the bank, get loans, calculate interest, buy, sell, pay rent, go to restaurants, movies, pay insurance, medical bills, get tempting deals everything like in a real family life, to learn the value of money and learn how to budget and save money
  • Responsible money management
  • Staying focused on set goals
  • Organising spending and saving
  • Mathematical skills
  • Art of budgeting

“Family Budget” is played on a one- month calendar with 31 days. Children get salary on the 1st. They buy household items, pay bills, insurance premiums and rent, make transactions with bank, get loans, calculate interest, go to restaurants and movies, get tempting deals, win quiz contest, get interest from bank…..everything like real life family situations so that they learn how to budget and manage money wisely. In this way they practice money skills of recognising money of different denominations, add and subtract to pay correct money and calculate the correct change and learn the value of money while moving through the play board.

Includes: A Play Board, 56 Mail Cards, 25 Deal Cards and paper Money of various denominations, Loan Record Pad, Play Pieces and Play Rules.

is an innovative financial management tool designed to streamline budgeting for families. With its vibrant and engaging design, this budgeting system offers a refreshing approach to managing household finances.

Featuring a multi-color scheme, this budgeting tool adds a touch of creativity and fun to the otherwise mundane task of budgeting. Each color represents a different category of expenses, making it easy for users to quickly identify and track where their money is being spent.

The user-friendly interface of Creative’s Family Budget allows users to input income and expenses with ease, helping them to stay organized and on top of their financial goals. Whether it’s tracking monthly bills, setting aside money for savings, or planning for future expenses, this versatile budgeting system empowers families to take control of their finances and achieve financial stability.

In addition to its practical functionality, Creative’s Family Budget also promotes financial literacy and awareness within the household. By providing clear visual representations of spending habits and financial goals, this tool encourages open communication and collaboration among family members, fostering a shared understanding of the importance of budgeting and financial planning.

Overall, Creative’s Family Budget, Multi Color offers a dynamic and visually appealing solution for families looking to effectively manage their finances and achieve their financial aspirations.

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