Introducing the Age 3+ Eduedge E3009 Aim N Toss, an innovative and engaging toy designed to foster essential developmental skills while providing endless hours of entertainment for children aged three and above. Aim N Toss is not just a game; it’s an educational tool crafted to stimulate cognitive abilities, refine motor skills, and encourage social interaction in young learners.

At its core, Aim N Toss is a dynamic target game that challenges children to aim, throw, and hit designated targets with soft, lightweight bean bags. The colorful and durable target board features vibrant graphics and numbered scoring zones, adding an element of excitement and competitiveness to gameplay. Whether played solo or with friends, children will delight in honing their aiming skills while striving to achieve higher scores with each toss.

Beyond the thrill of aiming and hitting targets, Aim N Toss offers numerous educational benefits. As children engage in gameplay, they enhance their hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and proprioceptive skills—a crucial foundation for physical development. Furthermore, the game promotes strategic thinking and problem-solving as players adjust their aim and throwing techniques to improve accuracy and achieve optimal scores.

Moreover, Aim N Toss facilitates social interaction and teamwork, making it an ideal addition to playdates, family gatherings, or classroom settings. Through collaborative play, children learn valuable lessons in communication, cooperation, and sportsmanship, fostering positive peer relationships and building essential social skills.

Safety is paramount, and the Eduedge E3009 Aim N Toss prioritizes child-friendly design. The soft bean bags and lightweight target board ensure risk-free play, minimizing the potential for accidents or injuries, while the durable construction guarantees long-lasting enjoyment.

In summary, the Age 3+ Eduedge E3009 Aim N Toss combines fun and learning in a single, captivating package. Whether used for recreational play or as a supplemental learning tool, Aim N Toss promises to engage young minds, promote physical development, and inspire joyful moments of playtime exploration.

Educational colour, shapes and aiming toy: Each box contains 5 colourful wooden bases, 5 colourful wooden rods and 15 colourful rings. Place the rod on the base. Aim and throw the rings in the rod.

Sure to attract children above 3 Years: Suitable for Age 3 and above.Enjoy learning: This game improves wrist agility, concentration and eye-hand coordination. It also provides scope for role play.

Multiple skill enhancement: Enables Mathematical skill development, Intellectual development, Sensorial skill development and Motor Skill development.

Safe and sturdy make: Made with high-quality wood, wood composite and plastic. Child- safe paints and smoothed edges for safety.

Supports special needs: Suggested for children having Down Syndrome, Autism or any Learning Disability as prescribed by your therapist.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 2.49 × 23.8 × 7.19 cm






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