Sand Art Create Patterns with Magnetic Tip Pen Sand Art Wooden Toy has a small metal piece inside a frame filled with grains. The kids use the magnet-tipped pen to move the metal piece around to create tracks/ outlines which in turn form patterns. Kids love to engage with this toy and can sit for long hours creating various patterns and erasing them by simply shaking the frame and allowing the grains to fall back.



Show the child how to hold the pen using 3 fingers and move the metal piece through the sand creating any pattern that they like. After a point, children may like to draw shapes they have learned like triangles, the alphabet, numbers, a house, and so on

The Child Learns to:

1. Develop Writing Skills.

2. Develop Creativity and Imagination Skills.

3. Develop Drawing Skills.

Box Contains:

1 Sand Art Wooden Toy

This Clever Toy, Has A Small Metal Piece Inside A Frame Filled With Grains. The Child Uses The Magnet Tipped Pen To Move The Metal Piece Around To Create Tracks/ Outlines Which In Turn Forms Patterns. Children Love To Engage With This Toy, And Can Sit For Long Hours Creating Various Patterns And Erasing Them By Simply Shaking The Frame And Allowing The Grains To Fall Back.

Sand Art Create Patterns with Magnetic Tip Pen Exciting Wooden Educational Language Learning Toy For 4 Year Old, 5 Year Old And 6 Year Old Children Where Children Can Form More Than 1000 Words With This Toy , Set Includes A Wooden Word Wheel With Segments That Can Be Rotated On It And A Booklet Containing 4 Letter Words And 5 Letter Words The Child Can Use The Book For Reference Reading And Form The Same Words On The Wheel By Spinning Each Of The Arms , A Great Language And Vocabulary Development Toy In Early Years Once The Child Has Understood The Basic Phonetic Sounds, This Toy Can Be Used To Help The Child Read Words And Also Form Them Letter By Letter On The Wheel , Painted And Printed With Non-Toxic Paints Complaint With European En-71 Part-3 Guidelines

Age Group: 12-24 Months

Skills Developed: Creativity Imagination, Early Learning, Reading Writing, Fine Motor Skills

Interests: Creativity

Content Inside: Set Includes A Magnetic Tipped Pen And A Board With Grains Filled In Them On Which Patterns Can Be Created

No Of Component: 2

Activity Type: Indoor

Gender: Unisex;

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 1 cm

Assembly Required


Batteries Included


Batteries Required






Country of Origin

Made In India



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Remote Controlled Included



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