Skillofun Wooden 1-20 Picture On Number Tray with Knobs Puzzles are brain teasers that enhance the motor skills and cognitive powers of your little cherub. Your little one is your prized possession and when it comes to providing entertainment to your little tyke, you tend to select nothing but the best form of entertainment for your child. A puzzle is the best way to captivate your child’s attention completely, keeping it busy and entertained. Skillofun brings to you a highly informative and beneficial puzzle toy for your little one, the 1-20 Number Shape Puzzle from Skillofun promises to captivate your tot’s attention and gets your child acquainted with numbers from a tender age. The puzzle toy comes with a number shaped tray with knobs, the tray consists of numbers ranging from 1 to 20, thus your child will start learning numbers in a funny yet informative way. The numbers come in an assortment of colours, which will attract the attention of your tiny munchkin at the very first sight.

The Skillofun 1-20 Number Shape Tray is a non-toxic product is made from wood. The product weighs 458 g and has dimensions 22 x 30 x 0.8 cm. Your little one can easily pull out the numbers from the tray by lifting it with a knob that is placed on the top. If you want to sharpen your child’s intellect and perseverance with an innovative puzzle, then the worthy Skillofun puzzle is certainly the one you should go for. The 1-20 Number Shape Puzzle from Skillofun is now available online, so now you can purchase the product, staying in the comforts of your home.

The Skillofun Wooden 1-20 Picture On Number Tray with Knobs is an engaging and educational toy designed to introduce children to numbers in a fun and interactive way.

This colorful wooden tray features numbers from 1 to 20, each accompanied by a corresponding number of illustrated objects to help reinforce numerical concepts. The numbers are displayed prominently, making them easy for young learners to identify and trace with their fingers.

The tray also includes knobs attached to each number, allowing children to practice fine motor skills by grasping and manipulating them. This tactile element adds a sensory dimension to learning, making the process more immersive and enjoyable.

As children play with the Skillofun Wooden 1-20 Picture On Number Tray, they can develop number recognition, counting skills, and hand-eye coordination. The durable wooden construction ensures longevity, making it suitable for both individual and group play in homes, classrooms, or daycare settings.

Overall, this toy provides a hands-on approach to early math education, fostering a love for numbers and setting a solid foundation for future learning.

Weight 0.44 kg
Dimensions 30 × 22.5 × 1 cm

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Made In India



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