Little Genius National Symbols (India) with Knob, Multi Color Playing with toy gives a kids a enormous amount of joy, enjoyment and happiness. Child experience an interact with their surroundings thru toys. Plus, toys provide plenty their self-esteem and allow them to discover the world they live in.

  • Brand Name: Little Genius
  • Item Type: National Symbols (India) with Knob
  • Package Content: 1 Little Genius National Symbols (India) with Knob, Multi Color

Introduce your little one to the rich heritage and cultural diversity of India with the Little Genius National Symbols educational toy set. This vibrant and engaging set features meticulously crafted replicas of India’s national symbols, designed specifically for young minds to explore and learn.

Each symbol, including the majestic Indian flag, the noble Bengal Tiger, the graceful peacock, the stately Indian elephant, and the iconic lotus flower, is beautifully depicted with intricate details and vivid colors. With a convenient knob attached to each symbol, children can easily grasp and manipulate them, enhancing their fine motor skills and coordination.

As children interact with these symbols, they’ll immerse themselves in the essence of India’s identity, understanding the significance and cultural importance of each emblem. Whether it’s learning about the Ashoka Chakra’s representation of righteousness and progress or the symbolic significance of the national animal and bird, this toy set serves as a captivating educational tool.

The multi-color design not only adds visual appeal but also stimulates cognitive development and color recognition in young learners. Made from durable and child-safe materials, this toy set ensures hours of safe and enjoyable playtime for children aged three and above.

Inspire curiosity and instill a sense of pride in India’s cultural heritage with the Little Genius National Symbols educational toy set. Perfect for playtime, classroom activities, or gifting occasions, this versatile set encourages exploration, imagination, and a deeper connection to the nation’s cherished symbols.

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