HABA’s pocket game series offers something for everyone! Who can resist the tiny miniature version of HABA’s best-selling Animal upon Animal. You’ll also find pocket-sized variations on other popular games featuring Flower Fairies and Princess Mina. Other favorites like Mix & Match Robbers, Number Dinosaur and Splish Splash Catapult that are perfect for little ones ages 3 to 5. Rox and Logic Labyrinth feature strategic angles for older children and adults. Measuring in at less than 5″ x 5″, these mini game boxes are perfect for on the go!

Game Idea:
The mighty, impressive genie watches over his thousands of valuables in the treasure cavern. In order to charm the treasures away from him the bandits have to find the correct path through the mysterious cavern. However that is not so easy! The treasure map has been torn into many pieces, so there is no longer a clear path. Help the bandits piece the map together! Whoever has a quick eye for combinations won?t lose his way and will obtain the most treasures.

Logic Labyrinth – An adventurous branching placement game for 2-4 players ages 6-99.

Game Preparation
Shuffle the path cards and pile them up face down in the center of the table. The assignment cards are also shuffled and kept in a provision pile face down next to where you are playing.

Now arrange the treasure cards, one less than the number of players, next to each other in the center of the table. Make sure they show the following number of treasures.
4 players = 3 treasure cards showing 1, 2 and 3 treasures
3 players = 2 treasure cards showing 1 and 2 treasures
2 players = 1 treasure card showing 1 treasure
Place the remaining treasure cards in a pile ready to be used.

Game Contents
30 path cards, 12 assignment cards, 12 treasure cards, 1 treasure cards, 1 set of game instructions

How to Play

What appears on the die?

The number 3, 4 or 5? Each of you draws the corresponding number of path cards from the pile. Place them face down in front of you.Two or three dinos Turn over as many dino cards in a row as are pictured on the search card.

The genie? Turn over the top card of the assignment pile and place it on the table so that everybody can see it clearly. Now each player draws as many path cards from the pile as shown on the assignment card.

On your command all the players turn over their path cards. Now all players try to arrange them as quickly as possible so that the path continues from card to card.

Important Genie Rules:

  • The cards must line up with each other perfectly.?
  • If the genie appears on the die the path cards have to be arranged exactly as shown on the assignment card. There can be various possibilities for how the path continues
  • If there is no way the path cards can be arranged correctly, you can swap cards. Place a number of cards on the discard pile and draw the same quantity from the provision pile.

End of the Game
The game ends after four rounds. Each player counts the treasures on his treasure cards. Whoever counts the most treasures has been the quickest to find the branching path through the genie cavern and wins the game. In the case of a draw there are various winners.

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