Kids will enjoy learning their lessons with Bruno, the lovable bear, in Bruno Put Your Toys Away. Bruno helps young children to learn the lessons that they ought to be familiar with from early on in life. A good way to teach young learners the way to a well-mannered life, the Things to Learn With Bruno series allows its adult readers to teach their kids the basic do’s and don’ts of life.

The simple and easy-to-read story helps children to learn good habits in an engaging and lively manner. Bruno keeps them hooked to the books, especially with the bright pictorial descriptions of his activities. in Bruno Put Your Toys Away, Bruno is taught how to clean his things and put them back where they belong. This teaches kids to always take care of their personal belongings and not leave them scattered around for people to trip and fall over. Bruno goes through the same daily rituals as a child does, so young readers will relate to him and his little worries.

Bruno Put Your Toys Away is a good way to introduce kids to a better, healthier lifestyle with good, essential practices. A positive approach is all it takes for kids to turn out well and this book, with its easygoing and concise language, aims to do just that. It has been written for children from the ages of two to six. Bruno Put Your Toys Away was published by Sterling Publications in 2003. It is available in paperback.

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Some of the other titles in the Bruno series are Bruno Learns to Share, Bruno Gets Lost, Bruno Tells the Truth and Bruno the Artist.

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