• Creative Educational Aids Spell and Build Words ’ is an interactive game that helps children to learn and practice language skills. The game comprises 6 double sided ‘Play Boards’, 100 letter cards and a timer. Each of the Play boards has a picture drawn on and their names having some blank letter spaces. The Child is required to identify and name the picture and fill the letter spaces to complete the picture word using the correct letter cards. This has to be done within the time limit set by the timer. This makes the child to be fast along with being correct while forming the words.

    • Ages : 5 & Up
    • Product Code : 0644

    Skills Developed:

    • Letter Recognition
    • Spelling Skills
    • Vocabulary
    • Knowledge about new things
  • For 5 years old that teaches more than 500 basic words and builds their vocabulary
  • 48 beautifully illustrated picture cards, 80 letter cards and activity guide spell and build will strengthen spelling skills, enrich vocabulary and knowledge and help learn the correct pronunciation of words easily recognizable, eye catching illustrations, sturdy, linkable, easy to handle letter or picture cards

Creative Educational Aids Spell and Build Words is an engaging and interactive educational tool designed to enhance children’s spelling and vocabulary skills. This innovative learning resource provides a hands-on approach to language development, allowing children to actively construct words using letter tiles or cards.

The Spell and Build Words set typically includes a variety of colorful letter tiles or cards representing individual letters of the alphabet. These components can be arranged and rearranged by children to form different words, fostering creativity and critical thinking.

With this tool, children can explore spelling patterns, phonics principles, and word formation in a fun and dynamic way. By manipulating the letter tiles or cards, they can experiment with different combinations to create words, reinforcing their understanding of spelling rules and word structures.

Moreover, Spell and Build Words encourages collaborative learning and peer interaction, as children can work together to build words and solve spelling challenges. This cooperative approach promotes communication skills and teamwork while making the learning process enjoyable and rewarding.

Whether used in classrooms, homeschooling environments, or as a supplement to traditional spelling curricula, Creative Educational Aids Spell and Build Words offers a versatile and effective way to support literacy development in young learners. Its hands-on nature sparks enthusiasm for learning and helps children build a strong foundation in spelling and vocabulary that will benefit them throughout their academic journey.


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