Creative Educational Aids Think And Match Part-2 Board Game is an innovative game to encourage logic and reasoning skills in children. The game consists of 8 thick and laminated cards printed both sides, with 14 curriculum-based ‘Task Sheets’ and 2 ‘Answer Sheets’ and an ‘Activity Guide’. Each Task/Question Sheet contains 8 exercises from a chosen topic of a subject printed on the top of the sheet, and their answers on the right hand side in random order. The child is required to find the logical solution of each exercise/question and put matching colour counter against the same. When completed, the answers can be checked from the Answer Card to see if the resulting colour pattern matches. When all the Task Sheets have been completed successfully, the child would have covered and practiced 112 exercises on important curriculum topics and developing their abilities like good reasoning, logical thinking, and good observation skills.

  • Ages : 4 & Up
  • Product Code : 1059

Skills Developed:

  •  Keen Observation
  • Concentration
  • Problem Solving
  • Eye-hand Coordination
  • Logic and Reasoning Skills

“Think And Match Part-2” is an engaging and interactive educational board game designed by Creative Educational Aids. Building upon the success of its predecessor, this game offers an exciting opportunity for players to further enhance their cognitive skills while having fun.

The game features a captivating gameplay format that challenges players to match various elements, such as pictures, words, or concepts, fostering critical thinking and memory retention. With carefully crafted content, each round presents new challenges, ensuring continuous learning and enjoyment for players of all ages.

Players will find themselves immersed in a dynamic and stimulating environment where strategic thinking and quick decision-making are key to success. Whether played solo or with friends and family, “Think And Match Part-2” encourages healthy competition and collaborative learning experiences.

With its vibrant design and intuitive gameplay mechanics, this board game serves as an invaluable tool for educators, parents, and individuals alike, offering a unique blend of entertainment and educational value. Prepare to embark on an exciting journey of discovery and mastery with “Think And Match Part-2” by Creative Educational Aids.


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