“Creative’s What’s Missing is an initiation by Smart to promote observation based learning. There are 21 sets of two piece self-correcting match-ups each having similar illustrations with one object missing. The child is required to carefully observe the first illustration and then identify and find the missing part/object in the matching card. This way children acquire logical thinking, verbal skills while improving their concentration and visual discrimination.

  • Ages : 3 & Up
  • Product Code : 01031

Skills Developed:

  • Observation Skills.
  • Logical Thinking
  • Identification of Missing Objects
  • Verbal Expression.
  • Visual Discrimination

“Creative’s What’s Missing” is an engaging and interactive game designed to challenge your memory and observation skills. Players are presented with a series of images or scenarios, each containing a set of elements. The objective is to identify what’s missing from each scene within a time limit. With varying difficulty levels and a range of themes, from everyday objects to intricate landscapes, “Creative’s What’s Missing” offers endless entertainment for individuals and groups alike. Get ready to put your powers of perception to the test and enjoy hours of fun with this captivating game.

“This game will develop Verbal expression, Identification of missing objects and Problem solving.
28 pairs of 2 piece jigsaws.
The aim of game is to observe each set of cards carefully and identify the missing parts?
This game will develop Verbal expression, Identification of missing objects and Problem solving.”

Help build your child’s critical thinking skills by gifting him this What’s Missing – Two Piece Puzzles from Kinder Creative. Improves Imagination and Hand Eye Coordination This educational puzzle helps improve your child’s imagination and hand-eye coordination through fun and games. Fun play as well as Educational Designed for kids above two years, this two piece puzzle is educative and fun as it teaches spelling and colour discrimination. Tactile Skills and Motor Skills It improves your child’s visual discrimination and picture identification skills. It develops concentration and improves motor skills.
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