Skillmatics Guess in 10: Around The World | Board Game Get Ready to Play The Most Exciting Game of Questions Roll The Die to Fly to Different Destinations Around The Map and Conquer Landmark, Food, Cities and Countries Spots As You Go, Ask Up to 10 Yes Or No Questions to Guess Whats On The Game Cards. Answer Correctly and Conquer The Spot Or Let The Wild Cards Take You for A Ride Think Hard, Ask Smart Questions and Be The First Player to Conquer Five Spots

Key Features
  • Get Ready to Play The Board Game Version of The Incredibly Fun Card Game Loved Around The World
  • Ask Up to 10 Yes Or No Questions to Guess Whats On The Game Cards. Answer Correctly to Conquer A Spot, Think Hard, Ask Smart Questions, and Be The First Player to Conquer Five Spots to Win
  • Simple to Play, The Game Can Be Learned In 5 Minutes and Enjoyed Time and Time Again

Get ready to play the board game version of the incredibly fun card game that is loved around the world! Ask up to 10 yes or no questions to guess the animals on the Game Cards. Answer correctly to conquer a spot! Think hard, ask smart questions, and be the first player to conquer five spots to win!

Skillmatics Guess in 10: Around The World | Board Game is an engaging and educational board game designed to take players on a global journey of discovery and fun. In this game, players embark on an adventure to guess various landmarks, cultures, and iconic symbols from around the world, all within a time limit of 10 questions per card.

The game encourages players to sharpen their critical thinking skills as they strategically ask yes/no questions to narrow down the possibilities and guess the mystery item on their card. With over 52 cards featuring a wide range of topics spanning continents, countries, and cultures, players are sure to encounter a diverse array of challenges and surprises.

Skillmatics Guess in 10: Around The World is not only a source of entertainment but also a valuable learning tool, offering insights into geography, history, and global diversity. Whether played with family or friends, this game fosters communication, teamwork, and cultural awareness in an enjoyable and interactive way. Get ready to explore the world from the comfort of your own home with Skillmatics Guess in 10: Around The World!

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