Introducing Age 8+ E35780000 Connect 4 Shots Board Game, designed to bring a new level of excitement to the classic Connect 4 experience! Perfect for players aged 8 and above, this dynamic twist on the beloved game combines strategy, skill, and a whole lot of fun.

Get ready to challenge your friends and family to an epic showdown as you aim, bounce, and shoot your way to victory! The game features a vibrant and durable game board with a unique tower design, adding an extra dimension of challenge and excitement to every round.

With Connect 4 Shots, the rules are simple yet engaging. Players take turns bouncing their colored balls into the grid, aiming to create a line of four of their colored balls either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. But watch out – your opponents will be trying to do the same! It’s a race to see who can outmaneuver their rivals and complete their line first.

This fast-paced game is not just about luck – it requires strategic thinking, precision, and quick reflexes. Players must carefully assess the board, anticipate their opponent’s moves, and master the art of precision aiming to claim victory.

Connect 4 Shots is perfect for game nights, family gatherings, or anytime you want to add some excitement to your day. Its compact size and easy setup make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor play, ensuring endless hours of entertainment wherever you go.

So, gather your friends and family, sharpen your aim, and get ready for a thrilling gaming experience like no other with Age 8+ E35780000 Connect 4 Shots Board Game. It’s time to shoot for the win and become the ultimate Connect 4 champion!


Weight 0.771 kg
Dimensions 5.69 × 31.8 × 29.21 cm


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