Age 5+ Shifu056 Dabble Moo Town Detective Kit

The Dabble Pretend Play Detective Game by Playshifu, named Moo Town Detective, brings the excitement of detective play to kids aged 5 and above. This all-inclusive detective set allows young sleuths to role-play as detectives, solving mysteries and uncovering secrets in the whimsical Moo Town. Pretend play as a detective is a fantastic way to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills, encouraging kids to use their imaginations and explore their investigative thinking.

With the Dabble Detective Game, kids can immerse themselves in the fun of solving mysteries and engaging in playful interaction. The Moo Town Detective Game includes all the necessary tools and clues to set up an imaginary detective agency.

Detective play not only entertains but also stimulates imagination and analytical thinking. The Dabble Pretend Play Detective Game serves as a rewarding and screen-free activity that keeps kids engaged and entertained.

It allows them to unleash their creativity, role-play as detectives, and enjoy the satisfaction of solving mysteries. This detective set is designed with safety and enjoyment in mind, making it suitable for children aged 5 and above.

In conclusion, the Dabble Pretend Play Detective Game by Playshifu, named Moo Town Detective, is an enjoyable and educational pretend playset designed to encourage imaginative play and problem-solving for kids aged 5 and above. With its all-inclusive design, diverse range of clues and interactive elements, and potential for investigative role-play, this detective game makes solving mysteries in Moo Town a rewarding and immersive experience.

An Exciting New World of laughter, Fun and Pretend Play.

Dabble Activity Kits Help Build Early Foundational Skill in Your Little one. Reading, Comprehension, Fine Motor Skill, and Problem Solving are just a Play-time Away!

Age 5+ Shifu056 Dabble Moo Town Detective Kit

  • Born out of kids’ love for pretend play and our love for creating innovative toys.
  • Activity kits to develop reading, comprehension, and fine motor skills through hands-on play.
  • A world full of fun and laughter where kids can explore, express, and experience new ideas.
  • Solve Curious Cases of the Cows with 27 Case Card and 9 Puzzles!
  • Terrific Tools Inside : Magnifying Glass, Erasable Marker & More!
  • For Ages : 5-12 Years


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