Frank Junior Alias Board Game Getting kids to play away from tablets and the TV has never been easier! The Junior Alias family game by Frank is the ultimate trick to get your kids to play as a family and create meaningful bonds that will pass the test of time. Playing a board game may seem easy but our Junior Alias board game for kids can help develop the little one’s creative language skills. They have to identify the correct word from the picture and use their own words to describe it to the others, putting their logic and creativity to the test. This Alias word guessing game is suitable for kids ages 5 and up. To make the game easier for the little ones, each of the 300 word cards features a picture of the word too so the little ones don’t have to read it. Features

  • It develops creative languages skills.
  • For age group of 5 years and above.
  • It is a picture explanation game.

Feel the excitement as you race against time! This game is so much fun, there’s no better way to expand your vocabulary!

Frank Junior Alias Board Game Explain words and pictures to your teammates without actually saying the word that is being explained, but by using synonyms and opposites, hints, uttering sounds etc. instead. Children who can’t read can play this game too, as the pictures show the word to be explained. Each team tries to guess as many words as possible before the sand in the timer runs out. The game contains words and pictures familiar to children.

This game is made in Finland, at Tactic Games’ own responsible factory. Our own production ensures the traceability of all materials, and we were awarded the FSC certificate in 2021. We also monitor our carbon footprint closely.

Junior Alias board game features a game board and hundreds of word cards. In addition, game pawns, a sand timer, and the rules are included.

Contents: 300 cards, 1 game board, 1 sand timer, 6 game pawns

Guess the drawing and keep on scoring in this frantic family favourite. While you describe the drawing On the card, other players guess what It is… but you can’t say certain words! Ideal for younger kids, Alias Junior lets children learn a little and laugh a lot! Helps make connect I on between words and pictures… while being laugh-aloud-fun for everyone! Complete with 300 cards, board, sand timer and colourful playing pieces. 4 or more players; age 5+.

“Frank Junior Alias” sounds like a creative twist on the classic word guessing board game “Alias.” In this version, players might be tasked with guessing words or phrases based on both picture clues and verbal descriptions. Here’s a brief outline of how it could work:

Objective: The objective of “Frank Junior Alias” is to guess as many words or phrases as possible within a given time limit.


  1. Divide players into teams.
  2. Set up the game board, which could feature a grid of picture cards arranged in rows and columns.
  3. Place a deck of word cards face down near the game board.


  1. Teams take turns. Each turn, one player from the team becomes the “Frank Junior” and takes on the role of the clue-giver.
  2. The Frank Junior draws a word card from the deck without revealing it to their team.
  3. The Frank Junior then selects a picture card from the game board. They must give clues to their team to help them guess the word or phrase on the drawn card.
  4. The Frank Junior can use verbal descriptions and gestures to convey clues, while also referencing the picture on the card.
  5. The team has a limited time to guess the word or phrase. If they guess correctly, they earn a point.
  6. Play passes to the next team, and the process repeats.

End of Game: The game continues for a set number of rounds or until all word cards have been used. The team with the most points at the end wins the game.


  • Time Limits: Adjust the time limit for guessing each word or phrase to increase or decrease the game’s difficulty.
  • Difficulty Levels: Include word cards of varying difficulty levels to cater to different age groups or skill levels.
  • Bonus Rounds: Introduce bonus rounds where players have to guess multiple words within a shorter time frame for extra points.

“Frank Junior Alias” combines the creativity of word association with the visual element of picture clues, making for an engaging and challenging game experience for players of all ages.

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