Skillofun L-100 Magnetic Cutouts Hindi Vowels Age 3m+  A set of magnetic alphabets so you can let your child be in the kitchen with you and not be worried! You can even be shopping online now, and your little one can be constructively busy sticking these on to the almirah!

Carefully crafted wooden alphabets
Contains all 13 vowels of the hindi alphabet
Brightly colored with non-toxic paints
Magnet behind each alphabet to stick on any magnetic surface – a refrigerator, the oven, almirah, washing machine etc
Learn the alphabets, spell words, recognise colors..the child can be constructively busy, playing by himself/herself for hours!
Comes with a drawstring pouch for storage

Skillofun L-100 Magnetic Cutouts Hindi Vowels is an engaging and educational toy designed to introduce Hindi vowels to children aged 3 months and above. This set features colorful magnetic cutouts of Hindi vowels, making learning fun and interactive. Each vowel is depicted in a vibrant and visually appealing manner to capture the attention of young learners.

Skillofun L-100 Magnetic Cutouts Hindi Vowels Age 3m+  The magnetic nature of the cutouts adds an extra layer of excitement, allowing children to explore and interact with the vowels on various magnetic surfaces like a whiteboard or refrigerator. This hands-on approach fosters sensory and cognitive development while promoting early language skills.

With Skillofun L-100 Magnetic Cutouts Hindi Vowels, children can begin their journey of language acquisition in Hindi in an enjoyable and immersive way. Whether used in solo play or incorporated into group activities, this toy provides an enriching experience that supports early childhood development.

Weight 0.251 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm






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