Creative Animals Their Homes and Sounds 2 A fun way to build skills in: Listening, visual discrimination and auditory memory.

Using these beautifully illustrated large, sturdy cards and the audio CD the child will identify and name 18 important domestic and wild animals, learn the names of their homes and match them with their corresponding animals and learn to recognize the animal sounds.

‘Animals their Homes and Sounds’ contains 18 sets of 2 piece puzzles of different animals, an audio CD and an ‘Activity Guide’. The child is required to match the animal cards with their corresponding home cards and to identify the sounds of the animals with the help of the CD. The activity guide has various activities that involve observation, listening, and identification and thus helps children not only in improving their visual discrimination skills but also in practicing their auditory skills.

“Creative Animals: Their Homes and Sounds 2” is an engaging and educational exploration into the diverse habitats and unique vocalizations of animals around the world. In this immersive experience, viewers will embark on a captivating journey through various ecosystems, encountering a plethora of fascinating creatures and their ingenious ways of communication.

From the lush rainforests teeming with life to the icy expanses of the Arctic, this documentary showcases the remarkable diversity of animal homes, ranging from intricate underground burrows to lofty treetop nests. Through stunning visuals and insightful narration, audiences will gain a deeper understanding of how animals adapt to their environments and construct their homes to survive and thrive.

Moreover, “Creative Animals: Their Homes and Sounds 2” delves into the mesmerizing world of animal sounds. From melodious birdsong to haunting calls of the wild, viewers will be treated to an auditory feast as they listen to the symphony of sounds produced by creatures big and small. Through state-of-the-art audio recordings, the documentary offers a rich tapestry of animal vocalizations, highlighting the role of sound in communication, mating rituals, and territorial defense.

Whether it’s the rhythmic drumming of woodpeckers echoing through the forest or the haunting howls of wolves under the moonlit sky, “Creative Animals: Their Homes and Sounds 2” celebrates the ingenuity and adaptability of the natural world. With its blend of awe-inspiring visuals and captivating storytelling, this documentary promises to inspire wonder and appreciation for the remarkable creatures that share our planet.



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