Eduedge E2009 Grade N Stack Circle Age 3+ Eduedge E2009 Grade N Stack Circle a dynamic educational toy designed to engage young minds and foster developmental skills in children aged three and above. This vibrant and versatile toy offers a plethora of learning opportunities while ensuring endless hours of fun-filled play.

Crafted with durable, child-safe materials, the Stack Circle set comprises colorful rings and a sturdy base, encouraging children to explore concepts of size, shape, and color recognition. Each ring is uniquely sized and color-coded, providing an interactive learning experience as children stack, sort, and build, developing crucial fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in the process.

The Grade N Stack Circle promotes cognitive development through hands-on exploration, allowing children to experiment with spatial awareness and problem-solving as they manipulate the rings to create various configurations. Whether stacking the rings from largest to smallest or exploring patterns and sequencing, this toy stimulates creativity and critical thinking in young learners.

Beyond cognitive benefits, the  Circle set fosters social interaction and communication skills as children collaborate and play together, sharing ideas and taking turns. Its intuitive design and engaging features make it an ideal educational tool for home, classroom, or daycare settings.

Inspire curiosity, creativity, and confidence in your child – where learning and play seamlessly come together to spark endless possibilities.

The Age 3+ Eduedge E2009 Grade N Stack Circle is likely a children’s educational toy designed for preschool-aged children (3 years old and up). The toy is named “Stack Circle” indicating that it involves stacking circular pieces. It’s part of the Eduedge product line, suggesting it’s designed for educational purposes, likely focusing on skills such as hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, color recognition, and possibly counting or sorting.

The “Grade N” designation could indicate that it’s suitable for nursery-level education or early preschool learning. These types of toys are often made with safe materials and vibrant colors to engage young children and stimulate their cognitive development in a playful manner.

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 18 cm





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