Skillmatics Dot it Wild Farm & Underwater Animals is the perfect stickering, no-mess art activity to keep your child engaged at home or on the go! With over 500 stickers, your child is encouraged to use their fine motor skills and imagination to complete 8 animal-themed pictures featuring wild, farm and underwater animals!

Dot It Wild, Farm, and Underwater Animals is a captivating stickering art activity that introduces children to the world of animals through creativity and play. With over 500 easy-to-peel stickers, children aged 3 to 7 can embark on an artistic adventure, creating 8 animal-themed pictures that showcase their fine motor skills and imagination. This no-mess activity fosters creativity and skill development in a fun and colorful way. Dot It Wild, Farm, and Underwater Animals is designed not just for artistic fun but also for skill development in a playful manner. The variety of animals and the mess-free feature make this activity an excellent choice for parents and caregivers seeking to encourage imaginative play and learning in their children.

Skillmatics Dot it Wild Farm & Underwater Animals is an engaging sticker activity set designed specifically for children aged 3 to 7. Bursting with creativity and educational value, this set invites young learners to explore the fascinating worlds of wild, farm, and underwater animals through a fun and mess-free sticker art experience.

Inside the box, children will find a colorful assortment of dot stickers featuring adorable animal illustrations. Each sticker corresponds to a specific part of an animal’s body, such as its head, tail, or limbs. With the help of these stickers and accompanying templates, children can embark on exciting adventures as they complete pictures of their favorite animals.

This activity not only enhances children’s fine motor skills as they carefully place each sticker in the correct position but also promotes cognitive development and visual-spatial awareness as they match stickers to their corresponding outlines. Moreover, as children immerse themselves in creating charming animal scenes, they also gain valuable knowledge about different animal habitats and characteristics.

Parents and educators will appreciate the mess-free nature of this activity, as the stickers are easy to peel and place, leaving no sticky residue behind. This makes it perfect for playtime at home, in the classroom, or on the go.

Overall, Skillmatics Dot it! – Wild, Farm & Underwater Animals offers a delightful blend of learning and creativity, making it a beloved choice for young children eager to explore the wonders of the animal kingdom.


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