Creative Educational Numbers Flash Cards 40 Pieces is an effective learning tool that introduces the young learners to numbers. By using these cards, the child will learn and practice counting from 1 to 10; count and match objects with their corresponding numerals; match different sets of equal quantity ‘Object Cards’ and learn to sequence numbers. The game comprises 40 cards to learn and reinforce counting and identifying numbers from 1 to 10 with the help of different activities and exercises. This way the child learns about numbers while developing their mathematical aptitude.

  • Ages :  2 & Up
  • Product Code : 0520

Skills Developed:

  • Eye-hand Coordination
  • Number recognition
  • Counting
  • Visual discrimination

The Creative Educational Numbers Flash Cards 40 Pieces set offers an engaging and interactive way to introduce children to numbers, counting, and basic mathematical concepts. With 40 vibrant and visually appealing cards, each featuring a number from 1 to 40, this educational tool is designed to captivate young learners and facilitate their numerical comprehension.

Each card is meticulously crafted with colorful illustrations, clear numerical representations, and corresponding objects or visuals to reinforce the concept of each number. Whether it’s counting animals, fruits, or everyday objects, these flash cards provide a diverse range of examples to make learning enjoyable and relatable for children.

The compact size and durable construction of the flash cards make them ideal for use at home, in classrooms, or on the go. Parents, teachers, and caregivers can utilize these cards for various educational activities, including counting exercises, number recognition games, and sequencing challenges.

Through interactive play and repetition, children can develop essential numeracy skills, such as number identification, counting proficiency, and understanding numerical relationships. The Creative Educational Numbers Flash Cards set not only fosters a love for learning but also lays a solid foundation for mathematical understanding, setting children on the path to academic success.


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