Creatives Animal Families & Their Homes’ consists of 21 sets of self-correcting cards of common domestic and wild animals along with their families and homes and an ‘Activity Guide’. In this game, children can identify animals and their babies while learning about their homes. The child is required to match Animal cards to their corresponding ‘Baby & Home cards’. They can also check their answers from the activity guide or with the help of the symbols given on the cards. The game is curriculum based and helps children in their academic learning while developing their visual discrimination and matching skills.

  • Ages : 4 & Up
  • Product Code : 0620

Skills Developed:

  • Logical Thinking
  • Environment Awareness
  • Matching Skills
  • Classification
  • Vocabulary
  • Visual Discrimination
‘Animals Families and their Homes 2 in 1’ is an association game with 21 sets of three piece Play cards and 25 Picture Cards. Using the three pieces sets of cards, the child matches each animal card to the corresponding baby and natural habitat cards. Whereas the picture cards are both side printed cards with some characteristics of the animal or bird written on one side and information such as group, mother, father and baby given on the other side. This way the game makes children aware about the environment while improving their knowledge about animals their homes, babies and other characteristics.

Creatives Animal Families & Their Homes” is an enchanting exploration into the diverse habitats and familial bonds found in the animal kingdom. Through vivid descriptions and captivating illustrations, this book transports readers into the extraordinary worlds of creatures big and small. From the towering treetops of the rainforest to the depths of the ocean floor, each page unveils the unique dwellings and intricate social structures of animals.

Embark on a journey through the bustling communities of ants, the cozy burrows of rabbits, and the intricate webs of spiders. Discover how animals adapt to their environments, constructing homes that provide shelter, safety, and a sense of belonging for their families. Witness the tender moments of parental care, the playful antics of siblings, and the remarkable strategies for survival passed down through generations.

With its blend of education and entertainment, “Creatives Animal Families & Their Homes” sparks curiosity and wonder about the natural world, inviting readers of all ages to marvel at the beauty and complexity of animal life. Whether nestled in a nest high above the forest floor or swimming in the depths of the sea, each creature and its home offers a glimpse into the fascinating tapestry of life on Earth.

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