The Big Idea
‘Drive’ an interest in the amazing science of solar energy with this kid-controlled solar vehicle! Use your hands to harness the power of the sun and cast shadows to drive, turn, and stop the rover. Take the show on the road with a rover challenge course you design yourself using the included cones. A 20-page guide is packed full of activity ideas and information on solar energy. Winner of the 2017 Parents Choice Recommended Award, this set includes a ready-to-drive, solar-powered vehicle (no assembly required!); 3 cones for obstacle course challenges, and a 20-page, multi-lingual activity guide. Encourage unplugged play outdoors with the GeoSafari Solar Rover!

Psst They’re Learning
The GeoSafari Solar Rover revs up the fun – and the learning.

Teaches the basics of solar energy
Encourages scientific exploration and discovery
Supports STEM learning
Develops hand-eye coordination
Promotes unplugged play
Encourages outdoor time

How to Use
Controlling the GeoSafari Solar Rover is simple!

1. With the sun behind you, position the Solar Rover on a flat surface with both solar cells facing up.

2. Use your hand to make a shadow and block the sunlight hitting the Solar Rover. Remove your hand, allowing sunlight to shine on the vehicle and move the wheels forward. Alternate shadow and sunlight to drive the vehicle forward.

3. Use your hand to block the right solar panel and turn the vehicle to the left. Block the left solar panel to turn the vehicle to the right.

4. Shade all the panels with your hand’s shadow to stop the vehicle.

Support STEM Learning
Schools are placing an increased emphasis on STEM – the study of science, technology, engineering, and math – and you can get in on the game with scientific tools like the GeoSafari Solar Rover! The Solar Rover provides hands-on experience with a real scientific tool, encouraging exploration and discovery and increasing scientific confidence and self-esteem. Experimenting with, conducting tests on, and observing the results of solar energy is a great way to ‘drive’ an interest in STEM subjects.

The all-new solar-powered and kid-controlled GeoSafari Solar Rover is ready to “drive” an interest in the amazing science of solar energy! No chargers, no batteries, no assembly required here. Simply harness the power of the sun and shadows cast by your hands to turn and move the Rover. Alternating sunlight and shadows on the solar cells powers the rear Rover wheels, and turns the vehicle left or right. Block the sun fully to stop. Once you master these maneuvers, take the show on the road with our activity guide and three training course cones to create a custom Rover challenge course—controlled by YOU!

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10 cm
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