Skillofun Animal Number Train  This Wooden Animal Train is a perfect preschool educational toy for your little one. The Number Train is ideal for both boys and girls aged above 3 years. Number Train help your kids to count the number of animals given on the colourful train. This will teach your kids not only the numbers but also learn the names of the animals given. They can also identify what animal images have been given on the train. Let your kids learn more than one thing at a time from one simple learning toy. This cute little train will always be a perfect and ideal toy for your kids to learn the basic things before starting a schooling life.

The Skillofun Animal Number Train is a delightful educational toy designed to engage and entertain young learners while fostering their numerical and cognitive skills. This vibrant and colorful train features a series of wooden blocks, each adorned with a charming animal character and a corresponding number.

As children play with the Animal Number Train, they can practice counting, number recognition, and basic math concepts in a fun and interactive way. Each block represents a number from 1 to 10, making it ideal for introducing numerical concepts to preschoolers and kindergarteners.

The tactile nature of the wooden blocks encourages sensory exploration and fine motor skill development, while the whimsical animal designs spark imagination and creativity. Whether arranging the blocks in numerical order, stacking them to build a train, or role-playing with the adorable animal figures, children are sure to enjoy hours of engaging play while learning essential mathematical concepts.

With its durable construction and appealing design, the Skillofun Animal Number Train is a fantastic addition to any early childhood classroom, daycare, or home environment. It provides a hands-on learning experience that promotes numeracy skills, cognitive development, and imaginative play in young children.

Weight 0.39 kg
Dimensions 24 × 17.5 × 5 cm

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Made In India



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